Removing Your Dressing the Right Way Makes a Difference



You may need to care for your own wound or your loved ones. Removing a dressing or bandage incorrectly can cause pain and even remove new healing cells. Wounds need to be cleansed and kept safe from bacteria that could cause an infection. It’s important to follow your doctor’s advice when caring for wounds or incisions to help them heal, cut down on scarring, and keep infections at bay.


Removing Your Dressing Safely

  1. You can use soap and warm water or an alcohol-based hand rub when you wash your hands.
  2. Put on the gloves
  3. Use an adhesive remover, a moistened gauze pad, or a moist paper towel to clean the edges.
  4. When you start,  With one hand, hold the skin and gently pull it away from the wound to get the tape or bandage off. Do this slowly.
  5. Slowly lift the tape across the skin, not away from it.
  6. Then, move toward the middle of the wound as you lift the edges of the dressing. Lift it out of the wound with care.
  7. If the dressing is stuck to the wound, soak it in saline solution. This will help it move.
  8. Toss the old dressing into a plastic trash bag and tie it shut. Then throw it away. you’re done with this bag, put it in another plastic bag and throw it away.
  9. Take off and throw away the gloves.



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