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Mind-Body Connection: Emotional Health and Mental Health Stability for Wound Care, Ostomate, Continence Care, and Pain Management by a Naturopathic Life Coach.

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Mind-Body Connection: Emotional Health and Mental Health Stability

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Personalized Care Plan / Treatment Action Plan for Optimal Recovery After Surgery

My name is Jillian,

I am a Naturopathic Life Coach with a psychology background concentrated in Behavioral Health.  I serve everyday people who are seeking suggestions in navigating their life more effectively. Life can be complex, and Life can be simple. It’s the middle of Life that catches us in the trenches. The therapy model I like to use is cognitive behavioral therapy because it focuses on the mindfulness actions of the individual’s behaviors.  I cannot and will not promise that I have all answers or one answer to your problems. I can say that I have a listening ear and I believe in working together with my clients to create a strategic plan for a better life. I warn you that your efforts are a must, and your flexibility and creativity will be needed to try new things. Let’s go on this journey together, not to be fixed perfectly but to gain the tools to embrace life’s adversities and victories with grace and dignity. Self-compassionate is mandatory in my practice. The New You Is Waiting to Be Unveiled.

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