Choosing to be Happy is a Mindset, Not Just an Emotion


To examine the word happy and how people describe happiness as joy, blissfulness, and painlessness. According to Merriam Dictionary, happiness is an adjective that states enjoying or is characterized by well-being and contentment. So, it could be interpreted as measuring the state of emotional health, spiritual health, and mental health. Many people have assumed that happiness is about an instantaneous emotional feeling; however, happiness is a constant state of mind regardless of the different types of circumstances that arise. It’s not all about the euphoria or an exhilarating feeling from a new love, a new car, a new pet, or earning more money. It’s a state of mindset throughout our life journey. This article will be discussing the methodical tactics for patients experiencing failed healed wounds to begin implementing how to create a wholistic happy mindset. 2 Corinthian 12:10, That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. When I am weak, I am strong (, 2022).

Choosing Happiness

Why is choosing happiness complex to implement as a constant mindset during the times of problematic, laborious seasons of failed healed wounds? Most patients will say it does not feel blissful, lovely, but painful, and frustrating that wounds are stubborn and continue to halt the possibilities for reverse positive healing (D’Silva & Morin, 2021). It could be that patients have become pessimistic because it has continued longer than expected (D’Silva & Morin, 2021). Another reason is that they have always been cynical toward life, so it’s easier to think negatively. Another reason is the fear of being accused by their family and friends of being delusional and not realistic about the failed healed wounds (D’Silva & Morin, 2021). The fear of successfully healed wounds will remove the excuses of inactivity of their productivity to achieve goals (D’Silva & Morin, 2021). The seen is tangible, but the unseen takes faith and courage to develop happiness (contentment) and maintain its existence during the season of failed healed wounds (D’Silva & Morin, 2021).

Tactics in Achieving a Happy Mindset

What are the systematic tactics for achieving and maintaining the happiness mindset? Developing a happiness mindset is an evolving life cycle for the duration of our lives. Taking the approach to appreciating your negative emotions could create space to develop a happy mindset (D’Silva & Morin, 2021). Acknowledgment is not the same as rumination; it takes mindful moments to examine and create an optimistic alternative perspective to those negative emotions (Rice, 2022). Choose humbleness instead of seeking to control the external environment by staying in a pessimistic mindset (Park, 2022). The approach of seeking control is exhausting and produces more cortisol hormones in the body, fortifying chronicity in the wounds. When choosing humbleness, surrendering to the difficult times as teachable moments to self-inventory your thinking toward the failed healed wounds (Park, 2022). These are just a few tactics implemented to position patients to feel empowered using the happiness mindset.


Finding contentment in the season of challenging wound healing times is a seesaw effect. Furthermore, learning how to be content with the chances of flirting with the denial philosophy can be a struggle. Taking the time to acknowledge your negative and positive emotions is the rite of passage into mindfulness for a happy mindset to embosom. Moreover, learning how to pursue happiness in the matter of contentment will safeguard patients from depressive symptoms and obsessive-compulsive symptoms. Being in a grateful stance positions the patients to win over pessimists and lead in constructive optimism on their journey.



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