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The vision of iWound’s Digital Global Micro-eLearning memberships is to create knowledge for everyone through quality digital learning while closing care gaps at every level in healthcare globally. Adjusting to the major shift in recent challenging times our primary focus is on what and how the patient, caregiver, and or clinician can easily learn in order to have the biggest influence. iWound’s Digital Global Micro-eLearning is committed to advancing knowledge through a microlearning style that is tailored to the needs of the learner. Our content is delivered in bite-sized chunks to maximize learner time and cognitive load. We offer the latest evidence-based content, tools, and resources to empower patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.


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Digital Global Micro-eLearning Memberships

Broaden your knowledge with iWound’s retention-boosting content, which includes our Digital Global Micro-eLearning microcourses, microblogs, videos, and other valuable tools and resources in a variety of formats. It’s exciting to be a part of such a rapidly changing field, but it’s also critical that healthcare professionals stay current on their knowledge. Better care is enhanced by easy access to ongoing bite-sized knowledge. Wound care, ostomy care, continence care, mental health, and other topics are all covered by iWound’s Digital Global Membership. To keep you up to date, new topics are constantly being added.



Patient & Caregiver Courses
These micro-eLearning courses help patients and caregivers understand skin/wound care, tips and support, cope with illness or loss, nutrition, and provide support for friends and family members of the patient. There is no right or wrong way to engage in coursework; people may take one class a month or work through it all at once if they wish. As long as the material is covered before moving on, patients and or caregivers can engage at their own pace and set their own goals and expectations for themselves. It is recommended that participants should not be overwhelmed by information because it can be overwhelming.
Wound Courses
As the world of wound care evolves — with new treatment choices, older patients, changing protocols, antibiotic resistance, and an increase in lawsuits involving wounds — so must our approach.Even when we have new evidence to support best practices, it's exceedingly difficult to make a lasting change in the clinics and facilities. As a result, we continue to follow the same antiquated methods because "that's how our facility has always done it." This means that, despite our best efforts, the healing process takes longer and is more stressful for our patients. We want to make a positive impact to end this cycle. That's why we have created evidence-based, micro-eLearning education that's always up to date.
Ostomy Courses
We have created an ostomy micro-eLearning education series that is always up to date. Explanations of the various types of ostomy operations, products, and talks of critical lifestyle concerns such as diet, recreational activities, personal relationships, traveling, and more are among the topics covered.
Continence Courses
iWound has created a micro-eLearning series of always-up-to-date continence bite-sized education. Explaining the many types of urine and/or fecal incontinence by doing a focused assessment, completing a limited physical examination, products, application, skin care, synthesizing data, creating a plan of care, and evaluating treatments are just a few of the topics covered.


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